We provide integrated and specialized services to industrial companies to help them optimizing their purchase decision process of raw materials and non-ferrous metals.


Through our activity we intend to develop with our customers an innovative vision of the market based on a sound methodology, knowing the trend of all commodities and instruments to protect industrial margins from price volatility.

Real efficiency

We provide ongoing support to the industrial companies purchasing decisions on raw materials: understanding and evaluation of market mechanisms, development of purchasing strategies and decision-making process in general.

The markets are extremely volatile and not at all rational.

As in mountain a beautiful sunny day can become covered and stormy.
What saves the mountaineer from an ephemeral victory is the aware of his own limitations and the knowing to stop without being defeated.

I can not predict the future of the markets best of my clients to help them, but I know how to help them to calibrate operations which reduce their risks of fluctuations in exchange rates and commodity prices.

The financial world is full of people that want to explain and sell the future ...
I am interested to know my and my client’s step, to establish the goal to be achieved together.

I love sailboat and sea, because they taught me that you can not go upwind, but you have to take advantage of what there is to go where you want.
The mountain because walking we are obliged to turn our eyes on high, nature in general because it keeps us humble, aware of just who we are.

Paolo Kauffmann, FARO Founder.