12/04/2018 - 13/04/2018
50th FARO Meeting | Cinisello Balsamo, Italy

FARO celebrates its 50th Experience and awaits you in Italy, in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), guests of Geico Spa! 

Preliminary Program
Thursday 12 April
Location: Geico Spa (Cinisello Balsamo - Italy)
Registration and Welcome Coffee
Opening and welcoming remarks
Paolo Kauffmann - Founder FARO
Moderator: Paolo Kauffmann - Founder FARO
14:30 Interview with the visionary entrepreneur
A. Reza Arabnia – Group Chairman, President & CEO, Geico Spa
Moderator: Claudio Mus - Technical - R&D Director, Endurance Overseas
15:00 Strategic Scenario
The Roadmap to Electrification and Autonomous Vehicles. What is the Truth Behind the Headlines?

Al Bedwell - Director, Global Powertrain, LMC Automotive
  Tesla, global transition to sustainable energy
Giovanni Fornaro - Enterprise Sales Manager South Europe, Tesla
  Q&A Session
16:15 Refreshment break e Visit to Pardis Innovation Center
The impact of e-mobility on the demand for metals, materials and components for electric vehicles, batteries and charging stations
Among speakers:
M. Scott Ulnick - Chairman & Managing Principal, Ducker Worldwide
Exclusively for FARO, he will present the results of the latest study, dedicated to the impact of vehicle electrification on the materials choice

Omar Imberti – Marketing Officer - Electric Vehicle BU, Scame Parre Spa
A. Goia - Grob Italia
Special session dedicated to Young guests
  Q&A Session
End of conference session of the first day
Networking cocktail
  Dinner and evening party
End of the first day Meeting


During the day, we will visit the Pardis Innovation Center,
a centre of excellence by definition and a globally unparalleled technological research and development centre, made by Geico Spa.
Friday 13 April
Location: Geico Spa (Cinisello Balsamo - Italy)
Registration and Welcome Coffee
Moderator: Paolo Kauffmann - Founder FARO
International Economic Scene: Europe – America – Asia – China
Arrigo Sadun – President of TLSG, International Advisors
Refreshment break and One To One Meetings
Sponsored by
11:30 Commodity markets and currencies: technical analysis and correlations
Andrea Guarneri – Forex and Commodity Trader, Kommodities Partners Sa
Non Ferrous Metals Outlook
Ed Meir - Senior Metals Analyst, INTL FCStone Inc
Ferrous Metals Outlook
Alessandro Fossati – CEO, Gamma Trade Sa
Buffet Lunch and One to One Meetings

Panel discussion aimed to express the market situation of the industry, presented by the members of the FARO Board.

Topics: Copper and alloys, Zinc and Lead, Aluminium and alloys, Steel and Scraps, Nickel.

Demand and offer trends – Order book - Spot prices – Premiums

Close of the 50th FARO Meeting
Speech held in English and in Italian. Simultaneous translation service available



A. Reza Arabnia – Group Chairman, President & CEO, Geico Spa
Ali Reza Arabnia was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1955, from a family with over 100 years of business tradition and culture in the construction industry.
Today he is Chairman, President and CEO at Geico Taikisha. In 2011, he signed an alliance with Taikisha, founding a Group with a 1.8 billion dollar turnover, a global presence with over 50 production locations in 23 countries and over 5.000 employees.
Al Bedwell - Director, Global Powertrain, LMC Automotive
Al Bedwell is Director, Global Powertrain at LMC Automotive Forecasting. Based at the group’s Oxford office, he has a wide range of experience in the automotive forecasting sector and leads the group’s activities in the field of light vehicle powertrain research.
Aside from his responsibilities for the group’s Global Engine & Transmission Forecast, Al has been lead author on many related studies covering the evolution of Europe’s powertrain sector. His involvement in the field of automotive intelligence gathering and forecasting spans two decades.
In 2010 Al, working with a global team, launched the Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast. This service provides model-level analysis in the field of personal electric mobility.
Al is a regular speaker at client and industry events and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Prior to joining LMC Automotive in 1997, he was a manager at automotive intelligence provider Polk Marketing Systems.

Giovanni Fornaro - Enterprise Sales Manager South Europe, Tesla


Alessandro Fossati - CEO, Gamma Trade Sa
He started his career as a consultant in M&A, taxation and corporate finance to join, as a second step, Duferco where he grew up as a steel trader. After a few years in MMK as export manager he worked as an advisor in the steel and raw material field by brokering, forecasting and benchmarking steel and raw material trends and prices as a basis for long/short position planning. After this experience, he joined Deltasteel Ireland Ltd, a more than twenty years trading company, where he managed the steel business unit mainly focused in import of Chinese steel into Europe, adding value to European manufacturer through logistic, financing and hedging services. Since November 2016 he is CEO at Gamma Trade Sa, a Swiss based trading house, active in steel and related raw materials.


A. Goia - Grob Italia


Andrea Guarneri - Forex and Commodity Trader, Kommodities Partners Sa
He assumed in March 1995 the management of the family farm (170 hectares).
In the meanwhile he develops the activities of financial hedging of USA markets grains.
Then spreads his knowledge on the trading of all major commodities and related indices. Since September 2006, he played the role of technical analyst and trader on non-ferrous metals on LME and Forex.
He is teacher in technical analysis and financial instruments such as futures and options training courses. He has held  lectures on the financial markets at the Bocconi University of Milan. Andrea Guarneri is interviewed on a weekly basis from the financial channel CNBC Class.
Currently he has been working as technical analyst and trader on commodities, forex and indices at Kommodities Partners SA.
Omar Imberti – Marketing Officer - Electric Vehicle BU, Scame Parre Spa
Ed Meir - Senior Metals Analyst, INTL FCStone Inc
Mr. Meir has been in the commodities business for about 30 years in various capacities. After getting his BA in economics from Mcgill University and his MBA from New York University, he started his career as a futures research analyst covering the sugar, coffee, and cocoa markets. He then spent the next 18 years in the physical markets, trading aluminum, tin and steel. His firm now provides award-winning research on base and precious metals as well as on a number of other commodities. Mr. Meir was ranked by Metal Bulletin as the #1 overall base metals analyst in 2011, 2014 and 2015 and was ranked number #2 in precious metals in 2014 and #3 in 2013.
Arrigo Sadun – President of TLSG, International Advisors
From 2005 to 2012 he held the position of Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund for Italy, Albania, Greece, Malta, Portugal, San Marino and Timor-Leste. Previously, Dr. Sadun had held the following positions: Director of  economic and financial analysis at the Italian Finance & Economic Ministry in Rome; President and founder of  Business Information Group - BIG ( an economic consulting serving customers in Europe and in the USA); President of the WEFA Group, a worldwide leader in economic forecasting & consulting firm established by the merger of Wharton Econometrics & Chase Econometrics); President of Chase Econometrics, Inc. and Vice President of Chase Econometrics-Europe, Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Sadun holds a PhD and a M.A  in International Economics from The Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C.- USA; and a degree in Political Science from La Sapienza University, Rome. He was born in Bologna, he is married with two children.
M. Scott Ulnick - Chairman & Managing Principal, Ducker Worldwide
Scott Ulnick is Chairman of the Board and Managing Principal of Ducker Worldwide, a research, strategic consulting and transaction advisory firm. He joined the Detroit office of the Firm in 1990 following a career with Unisys Corporation where he held positions in marketing, product development and program management. Mr. Ulnick routinely consults leading industry and investment concerns on strategic improvement, growth initiatives and buy side transactions. In this advisory role he participates in up to 100 projects a year, ranging from OEM to supplier to material issues, and covering functional topics from investment & acquisition, commercial diligence, product development, marketing strategy and competitive analysis. Industries of particular expertise include automotive, commercial vehicles, construction products/materials, aerospace, materials & materials forming, consumer durables, and industrial products. He holds an BBA and MBA from Michigan State University.
With the valuable support of world-renewned entrepreneurs, analysts and economists...


Have a look at the event report "i protagonisti"


We have selected the closer hotel to the location, with which is agreed special rates (Double room single use, B&B). The hotel costs are borne by the participant. The secretariat of FARO Club is not responsible for bookings.

BEST WESTERN PLUS HOTEL MONZA E BRIANZA PALACE http://www.monzaebrianzapalace.it/ | Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
Special rate: 110€ (per room/per night – 10% VAT included) - NB: To use them, you should refer to: 50th FARO Meeting and proceed autonomously with the booking
Contacts: Ph: +39 02/6602111 - monzaebrianza.mi@bestwestern.it
Cancellation policy: reservation can be cancelled within the 12:00 AM of the day before the arrival, with a credit card guarantee.

More information soon!

Geico is a global supplier of turnkey coating systems for leading car manufacturers all around the world. Its origins go back to the Italian division of Carrier Drysys, founded in 1905. Bought out by Giuseppe Neri in 1976, it has been called Geico Spa since.
Originally the exclusive property of the Gecofin Group, it was later jointly owned with other multinationals, including first Haden and then the Fiat-Comau Group. In 2005 Ali Reza Arabnia, the son-in-law of founder Giuseppe Neri, took Geico over from the Fiat Group, becoming its Chairman and Managing Director.
In 2011, Geico signed an alliance with the Japanese Taikisha, asserting its leadership in car coating systems in all national markets, with the exception of Japan and Korea, where the Japanese partner remains the leader. Today the Geico Taikisha Group is a global market leader, with a 1.8 billion dollar turnover, 5,000 employees and 50 offices in 28 countries all over the world and 6 manufacturing units. It counts among its clients the leading international car manufacturing companies.
Geico, with its great industrial tradition, has always carried out a policy of constant research, development and innovation, which has allowed it to provide its clients with the best, most competitive, and environmentally-friendly technology solutions.
A strong ethical sense informs the behaviour, both internal and external, of the company. Loyalty, Honesty, Consistency, Determination and Passion are the values that have always inspired Geico and have allowed the company to meet the key expectations of clients in the respect of people, communities and the environment.

During the FARO Meeting, attendees have the opportunity to schedule their strategic appointments to meet each other!


What attendees say about us...

Extremely interesting, expecially due to the level of the speakers that is really high.
CEO | Brembo Poland Sp.z.o.o.

It’s an opportunity for the industry to share its view and very effective too.
Chief Commodity Strategist | Noble Group

It’s a great opportunity to be here especially because I learn a lot and I also hope to have taught something interesting to the attendees.
Executive Vice President Operations | FIAMM Spa

I think it was very exciting and also interesting! It was my first time this time... I’m not used to be in such an exciting session.
There are a lot of different points of view about the materials, about the uses, about also the sustainability. And we are most committed in sustainability so for us it was really an interesting point of view.

Al Alloys R&D Manager | RAFFMETAL Spa

This was my first experience with FARO but it proved to be a great experience.
We met with a lot of companies from the physical industry, which is very important for the exchanges and the commodities exchanges, like the LME, to be in touch with the representatives of the industry. It was a wonderful event.

Business Development Associate | London Metal Exchange

Very interesting with a lot different opinions and information I didn’t get before.
Head of New Business Development and Marketing | Georg Fischer Automotive

I’m very pleased with this edition. It’s my first time at FARO - I have a colleague who was there last year who talked about packaging.
We’ve had a very nice and interesting overview of various materials that I use today for the automotive industry, the market prospective, from the car, also from the content of aluminum.
We’ve had an interesting prospective from a new country, not a new country but a country where there is clearly a growth perspective – Iran –, and an overview with the various materials with the panel discussions.

Marketing Director, Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products | Constellium

It’s well organized! A lot of very good speakers, the collaboration both in the session and out of the session has been fantastic... The venue is superb!
It’s nice to be in around cars and the excitement around on cars. It’s a kind of new revolution that’s happening in commodities which the FARO club and its members follow.
To do it in a venue like this with the caliber of people has been great!

Chairman & Managing Principal | Ducker Worldwide

This event is very interesting for me and I had the opportunity to explain what our company did, do and will do in the future.
This is very important for suppliers because we try to give and to create our future but we have to work with our suppliers: the future will be created by ourselves with our suppliers so if we work together we will achieve good results.
I hope we will have more possibilities to exchange this kind of information... Thank you again I’m glad to introduce our company and our material overview!

Head of Metals Department | CRF (FCA Company)

It’s a very interesting event! The format we have which is broad is going to provide a lot of information for the delegates.
It’s also very interesting to have the panel discussion: it’s a great way to have engagement with the audience and also with the experts so the people from industry who know a lot of information.
It’s a very good way to tackle a broad ring of issues. When we do our own seminars we will probably adopt one or two of the features… it’s a good way to make an enjoyable day!

Managing Director | LMC Automotive

It’s very interesting because it’s an exchange of information between people from other parts.
It’s a very good time for people to exchange ideas, what’s going on in their business in the automotive industry and other businesses in the future.

Member of the Board | Iranian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association

The venue is superb. I’m a car lover, I’m a Formula One lover so to hold a prestigious event in a prestigious venue...
Chief Engineer, Advanced Technology & Annual Process Development - Body Engineering | Jaguar Land Rover

Aluminium plays a very important role in the automotive industry so I think this kind of meetings are very important just to understand the future trends of this kind of metal.
Purchasing and Supplier Development | Ferrari Spa

I really enjoyed. So far I met a number of business contacts and analysts. I’m working with marketing myself so it’s been good knowledge
Marketing Manager | Alcoa Global Primary Products

I think it’s a very good networking session. Very good to meet intimately with our customers and the Italian industry as a whole.
Chief Marketing Officer | Emirates Global Aluminium

I think is interesting because brings together people from industry, analysts, consumers and producers. It’s good to have a point of view that runs the industry
Commodities correspondent | Financial Times

FARO gives to us also the opportunity to learn something about technics, about metals, how to implement the view we have.
Honorary President | Fonderie Zanardi Spa

I think it’s very good well put together by Paolo and his team. Very interesting debate we had this morning and I think it’s some will say knowledge is a very powerful weapon
Head of Metals Research | Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking

It’s been fantastic here. From the prospection of London Metal Exchange we really value the relationship with FARO.
Head of Business Development | London Metal Exchange

FARO is a new concept for Italy for the future. It is made by people who want to find new ideas together. 
President | Eataly

I think that Paolo Kauffmann and his staff have been great to find the right equilibrium between touching different fields and keeping on beeing focused on the target in a wonderfull context.

A lot of good financial experts on the macro and micro economy.
It's a learning and educational experience. It's one of the best organized and professional conferences I have ever attended in my career.
Global Head of Metals | INTL FCStone Inc.

Very impressive, very professional. Good speakers, even better conference than guessed. I’m impressed.
Head of Research | RK Capital Management LLP

The FARO meetings allow us to really get to know our clients on a personal level, which is rare in today's conference environment. FARO enables attendees to relax and develop relationships like no other event due to the brilliant locations and fantastic atmosphere.
The last meeting had a formidable line up of speakers all of whom gave a fascinating insight into the markets. I cannot recommend FARO highly enough for both networking and a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Global Sales Director | Fastmarkets Ltd.

It was interesting to see the different view of different actors:  financial, fabricators, producers that are involved in our business.
Metal Business Director | KME Italy Spa

FARO is the best solution to know people and colleagues from of all over the world.
Head of Administrative Department | Montenegro Srl

Thank you to the FARO team for organizing an excellent event in Fontanafredda – Serralunga D’Alba, both for content and quality of speakers & attendees. Your conferences are always impeccable and located in the most prestigious areas across Italy. I look forward to the next one!
Associate Director | ETF Securities (UK) Ltd.