Weekly Webinar:

Each monday at 14:30 live on your computer’s screen, Paolo Kauffmann’s analysis, with monitoring of forecast, report of the City’s analysts, intermarket analysis, analysis of commodity reference benchmarks (CRB), purchase trends and strategies, with a focus on industrial, food, and energy raw materials. The weekly webinar is addressed to all the buyers and budget managers who are interested in having the pulse of the market week by week.

Weekly Insight:

The weekly analysis regarding the markets: non-ferrous materials, currencies and commodity. The core of the service is related to the analysis of non-ferrous markets listed in the London Metal Exchange.

The analysis are available in the dedicated area. Request a trial.


market analysis and detailed technical comment of the candlestick chart:
  • technical indicators of volatility, supports, resistance, short and medium term tendencies, in order to track the attention levels of the market;
  • tendency of the target price for the next 6 days, based on a sophisticated mathematical model;
  • targeted analysis page for purchases with Euro-US Dollars cash graph, in order to have a easy access to all the information on the physical market operations;
  • forward prices, contango and backwardation situations, 30, 100 or 200 days average;
  • graphs showing the situation of metal in cash, 3 months, 15 months, 27 months (very useful to keep track of the forward price situation).

The package is comprehensive of a minimum of 3 metals chosen by the user.

CURRENCIES (included):
analysis of EUR-USD and EUR-GBP trends and technical benchmark.

MARKET (included):
Commodity Market with data on stocks, stock markets and currency exchanges.

Daily Breakfast:

It’s the morning meeting with the markets; a daily newsletter containing news from the Swiss and the London desks is sent within 10 am. Moreover it contains two charts which summarise the current situation: the daily levels, with supports and resistance of metals and of the main currencies; the prices of metals and of the main financial instruments. If needed, Daily Breakfast transforms itself into a Breaking News service which warns the user with any important movement of the market.