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FARO Up is a training and updating program which involves activities related to the purchase of raw materials such as courses, seminars and inter-company workshops which can be either in-house or customised.

FARO Up is based on the twenty-year experience of Kauffmann&Sons in the field of raw materials market analysis; some of the teachers and speakers are analysts, traders, brokers, economists and psychologists.

The training is addressed to the whole management, to whom is interested in expanding and refining their own personal and company competitiveness in order to acquire focused knowledge and skills.
The courses specialise in various areas of expertise: such as risk management, lean production, budget monitoring, fiscal issues, commodity exchange trading techniques, emotion and stress management.

  • LME and coverage instruments
  • Raw material purchase budget
  • Accounting and tax treatment
  • the “SFERA” method and the role of emotions
  • technical analysis
  • trading techniques
  • customized courses in the company