- 17-02-2023

The automotive industry is in the midst of an energy revolution, trying in a few decades to shift from fossil fuels to more sustainable sources such as electricity and hydrogen.
However, the collective image of “clean” electric cars is not so obvious, and adoption of the technology may take longer than expected.

So what will be the scenarios ahead between now and 2050? How will companies involved in the automotive supply chain overcome the current problems related to sustainability (production, charging, and material disposal)? Will lithium-ion batteries lead the green revolution or will alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen take over?

During the event we will analyze and comment on the sustainability of the automotive supply chain in its current transactional phase: from power generation, to downstream, to recycling of spent components.

Mancini Alfredo

Amministratore Unico / Orim SPA

Adham Sam

Senior Powertrain Analyst / LMC Automotive

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