Commodity Corporate Training


What is the Commodity Corporate Training?

More and more companies, due to their organizational structure, require standardization of processes and skills within the Purchasing and Finance departments, board and decision makers, all involved in the supply chain of raw materials and energy.

The Commodity Corporate Training by FARO Club was created to bring the methodological and analytical skills of its experts directly into the company.
Through the use of the FARO Club methodology and the transmission of know-how on the international scene, the involved companies acquire the necessary skills to make quick and preventive decisions regarding the purchase of raw materials and energy.



How to join sessions

Registering your company for Commodity Corporate Training sessions is simple and effective: just fill the form below and agree with FARO Club on the timing and methods for delivering the training plan.

In this way, organizations consolidate and systematize an advanced, updated, and efficiency-oriented approach in their commodities supply chain.

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