FARO Club Advisory Board

Advisory Board of FARO Club

FARO Club is chaired by an Advisory Board – a scientific committee – composed of authoritative and influential personalities in the field of production and transformation of industrial metals, financial experts, and analysts.

Thanks to this set of skills, FARO Club is able to provide the most updated vision of the market and indicate the most effective strategies for managing risk in the commodities, currency, and energy markets.



The commitment of FARO Club's Advisory Board

In addition to meticulously taking care of every aspect of FARO Club’s offerings, which means knowledge diffusion and promoting international commodity markets culture, FARO Club operates within a consolidated set of values to promote an efficient, modern, and conscious industrial structure.
It is a formal commitment of the Board to involve an increasing number of female resources in all Club activities and management positions in order to add new skills and analysis methods to the mix, and provide a complete and exhaustive scenario for the market.

A transformation process that is necessary and unavoidable for companies committed to complying with the regulations dictated by International Organisations and achieving the environmental, energy transition, sustainability and governance objectives expressed in the United Nations ESG Charter.

Finally, in accordance with its commitment to implementing the main trends of technological innovation, FARO Club focuses on new forms of production and management of materials, processes and products: environmental and fair sourcing sensitivities are not only idealistic but also concrete and based on economic needs.
Therefore, FARO Club promotes changes and disruptive repositioning in sustainable procurement, production, and distribution supply chains and spreads the necessary skills to make the future ever closer.




Advisory Board of FARO CLUB

Artico Flavio

Strategic Purchasing, Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Partnership Development, M&A VP Internationa / SKF

“A meeting place for entrepreneurs and managers, from SMEs to big industry: FARO Club is about relationships, sharing common problems and high-level consulting support on raw materials.
Knowing different opinions and problems has greatly helped SKF to open up even more towards the world of raw materials and energy, which until yesterday was subsidiary to production or commercial processes. The role of purchasing has been strengthened: in terms of quality and standing”.

Cavani Roberto

Strategic Sourcing / SIT SPA
Cost Value Engineering / SIT SPA

“FARO Club events are always a guarantee: from Macroeconomics to the Supply Chain, they are moments designed for entrepreneurs and managers eager to maximise the efficiency of raw material purchasing processes and the Supply Chain. The FARO Club Main Meetings are the only events in Italy where International Analysts of raw materials (and not only) are confronted with market sentiment and new sustainability trends Participation in FARO Club events is always enriching, and stimulates vision from different angles”.

Cibaldi Mauro

President & CEO / Deral SPA

“FARO Club meetings are a kind of light for companies operating in the world of metals and beyond, anticipating markets, their scenarios and trends. Dialogue with the various players involved allows for considerable personal enrichment and that of the company one represents. In an increasingly volatile and turbulent world, having a ‘LIGHTHOUSE that illuminates’ is valuable support for the decisions that we entrepreneurs and our employees are called upon to make every day”.

Gerli Antonio

Commercial Director / Euromet SA

“Our company trades non-ferrous metals for the metallurgical and steel industry: our sector is highly globalised and subject to the international geopolitical influence, with great volatility due to exogenous or endogenous factors.
It is crucial for us to mature long-term visions, and to become adept at handling stagnations or contractions. FARO Club guarantees all this, combining the Club’s experience with market expertise in one place, physical and virtual!”.

Lagattolla Piero

Director / Cauvin Metals SRL

“For an international trading company such as ours – engaged in direct metal trading between producers and end consumers – FARO Club is a fundamental meeting and reference point: it brings together consumers, competitors, economists, the logistics branch, and analysts, providing testimonials and high-level reports in the Italian industrial context.
The technical reports, topical round tables, conferences and networking represent a surely added value, each one to be transferred to one’s own business”.

Menossi Paolo

Presidente / Global Consulting Team

“I have been dealing with the manufacturing industry in Italy and Europe for 45 years now, dealing with aluminium: in different capacities, from Multinational to Trader and Consultant, I have always verified how important it is to exchange information and real opinions to try to understand the contingent market, its reasons and trends, to prevent problems and to see in time what is behind the reality. For those in key-role, FARO Club has always been the right forum to find these answers”.

Pezzotti Romano

Presidente / Fersovere SRL

“FARO Club is the best place to learn how to manage the supply of raw materials and reference markets: the greatest opportunity to learn the best market strategies, the most extraordinary audience of enlightened entrepreneurs, and the most intense moment of confrontation and growth throughout the year.
FARO Club is a lively community, with diversified meeting moments, able to respond punctually and concretely to the complexity of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric”.

Kauffmann Paolo

Founder / FARO Club

“I founded FARO Club to provide a place for meeting, deepening and comparison that brings together researchers and entrepreneurs, analysts and technicians, C-Level and managers, of companies in the raw materials manufacturing chain, both in the procurement and in that of users, to reason, deepen and develop advantageous approaches to the market.
FARO Club was created to shed light on the future and provide an independent reference point for those navigating the markets and their complexity”.

Canepa Luca

President / FARO Club
Service Consultant / LVC Management Services & Consulting Sas

“FARO Club is a prestigious moment and meeting place where excellences of the Italian and international converting industry meet and share their knowledge and experience.
At FARO Club events, participants debate methodology and exchange views with international economists, Intermarket analysts, other entrepreneurs and corporate decision-makers, identifying how to act to safeguard the results, continuity and innovativeness of their companies”.

Balbo Piergiorgio

Executive Vice President / Fiamm Energy Technology
Reserve Power Solutions / Fiamm Energy Technology

Sadun Arrigo

Chief Economy Advisor / Faro Club

Maroni Roberta

/ Hydro Aluminium Primary Metal

Sales & Marketing EI South Europe

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