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FARO Club is not just a set of appointments: it acts as amultiple touchpoints competence-centre, around which the excellences of the Italian and international economy gather. An expertise aggregator on the raw materials and energy markets, that takes on a macroeconomic or local slant, with global visions or on specific verticals dedicated to industrial commodity supplies, to enable decision makers to operate methodically and prudently in the companies daily life.

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FARO Club – Main Meeting

The Main Faro Meeting, represents the most exclusive and prestigious event organised by FARO Club for its members. Two days of high intensity and educational potential, where participants have the opportunity to interact with individuals of high authority and expertise in the functioning of commodity and currency markets.

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FARO Club 4 the Territory

FARO Club shares its expertise to a local dimension through the Local Chapter: by being the spokesperson for the FARO Club method in the different areas of activity, FARO Club 4 the Territory aims to provide Italian SMEs with the tools to look ahead with the same patterns as market big players.

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Smart FARO Focus online

Smart FARO On Line takes the form of a series of user-friendly yet comprehensive and detailed webinars for an in-depth look at issues related to trade and non-ferrous metal prices, currency fluctuations and commodity supply policies.

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Intermarket Monday Call

The Intermarket Monday Call is a weekly event for business decision-makers interested in real-time market analysis by FARO Club experts. It provides information and interpretation to understand market trends and guide purchasing strategies from an intermarket perspective.

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Energy Update Call

The Energy Update Call is an event for a very limited number of participants, aimed at addressing the specific needs of attendees on energy procurement and energy costs, with the support of highly competent analysts who are up-to-date on the latest energy scenarios.

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Commodity Corporate Training

The Commodity Corporate Training by FARO Club are in-house training sessions aimed at sharing FARO Club’s methodological and analytical skills to support he Purchasing and Finance departments, board and decision-makers within individual companies.

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A light on the markets

Consolidated methods, innovative tools: let's look to the future together.


Visionary entrepreneurs, international analysts and economists: this is FARO Club.


Over 4,000 participants: Italian entrepreneurship elite gathered in synergy.


Physical, online, disintermediated or guided events: choose the perfect touchpoint for you.

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