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What is the FARO Club Main Meeting?

The FARO Club Main Meeting is the most exclusive and prestigious event organized by FARO Club for its members. It is a two-day high-intensity and educational event where participants have the opportunity to interact with experts and authorities dealing with the dynamics of non-ferrous metals, currency markets and commodity supply chains

During the Main Meetings, FARO Club members can discuss and analyze the trends and opportunities in these markets with industrial metal producers, financial analysts, and international economists to analyse, study and comment on the main markets trends for non-ferrous metals, currencies, energy and commodities. The event provides a platform for entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and managers with a strong focus on efficiency and the future.



The FARO Club Main Meeting Programme

The programme of each FARO Club Main Meeting is spread over two days, in which stakeholders are called upon to discuss:

  • Insight sessions, through the authoritative views of experts in non ferrous metals, energy, industrial flows, markets and commodities;
  • Intermarket analysis, i.e. in-depth analyses of currency markets, indexes and commodity price fluctuations, with verticals and comments by analysts and experts in the various fields;
  • Moments of conviviality and networking at the end of each day’s work, because FARO Club is a place where business is structured and developed.

FARO Club Main Meeting

The FARO Club Main Meeting Speakers

The speakers at the FARO Club Main Meeting are experts – academics, managers and entrepreneurs – who enjoy a high level of authority concerning commodities market, processing industry supply chain and national economy.

In addition, international financial market analysts and traders attend the event to provide inisghts on stock, currency and commodity market trends.



Become a sponsor of the event

Becoming a sponsor of FARO means being a player in one of the most awaited events in the world of raw materials, in Italy and abroad.

The FARO Club Main Meeting allows each sponsor to:

  • Increase the visibility of the Brand, coming into direct contact with a community of entrepreneurs and managers attending FARO Club appointments;
  • Benefit from all communication and promotion channels used for FARO Club Main Meeting
  • Consolidate its status in the economic scenario of reference, associating itself with an exclusive event, in prestigious locations and with authoritative speakers.


Main Meeting membership

In order to join the exclusive FARO Club Main Meeting community, it is necessary to contact the Organisation through a simple form on this website.

Membership entitles you to participate in the three annual meetings and many FARO Club initiatives, and you can join just with an annual membership fee.

Follow FARO Club for benefits, promotions and updates on the world of FARO Club and the chance to join the parallel activities organised by FARO Club throughout the year!


FARO Club Main Meeting

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