62nd FARO Club – Main Meeting: Raw materials and sustainable growth

Sustainable growth in raw materials usage - 21-06-2023 / 22-06-2023

Raw materials and sustainable growth: how to turn the challenge of an obstacle course into a functional value asset for the growth of industrial realities?

During the first day’s roundtable discussion, the focus will be on learning more about the energy transition and how to address the challenges and opportunities it presents for the processing industry and our communities

In addition, during the roundtables, there will be an emphasis on raising awareness about how to grow sustainably in the use of raw materials. It will be critical to promote responsible management of natural resources in order to reduce environmental impacts and foster long-term economic development. This responsible and forward-looking approach will enable us to conserve natural resources, mitigate environmental impacts, and promote balanced and sustainable economic development in the long run.

Addressing the transformation to a sustainable economy presents an unprecedented opportunity to create value not only in the present, but also for future generations. The transition from a fossil-based energy system to one based on electrification requires a comprehensive restructuring of the energy infrastructure and a thorough review of the supply chain.

In the afternoon, we will have a time dedicated to exploring the “Gender Equality” issues of the 2030 Agenda. During this meeting, we will have the privilege of hearing testimonies from female leaders and entrepreneurs from the Italian manufacturing industry and beyond. Their goal will be to inspire the activities of our participants, both men and women.

The involvement of female resources has become a formal commitment of FARO Club. In fact, we want to increase female participation in all Club activities: we believe that this increasing involvement can bring new skills and different ways of analyzing reality. Our goal is to provide our FAROs with a complete and comprehensive scenario.

We believe that promoting gender equality is fundamental to the progress and sustainable development of society. The inclusion of women in decision-making positions and leadership is an important step toward creating a more equitable and diverse environment. We recognize the value of women’s perspectives and want to ensure that they are meaningfully represented in our activities.”

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