Energy Update Call


What is the Energy Update Call?

The Energy Update Call is a One-To-Few appointment to address the energy supply problems of small, medium and large industries with particular practicality.

Due to its characteristics, the Energy Update Call is a session with a very small number of participants, whose aim is to decline the issue of energy supply and energy costs with an extremely focused cut on the particular needs of the participants.

Attend the Energy Update Call


The topics of the Energy Update Call

Energy and the needs of energy-intensive companies are increasingly important issues for businesses, eager to learn all possible tools to face the costs of energy supplies – renewable and non-renewable.

The Energy Update Call is led by energy market analysts and experts and aims to disseminate knowledge of best practices and methodological tools to reduce uncertainty and risk factors in energy supply.


How to join the Energy Update Call

By subscribing to the Energy Update Call, you will be included in a micro-panel of participants with similar needs and a similar approach to the energy market.

Training and insights are delivered remotely, with a dense interchange between participants and under the coordination of analysts with extensive experience in energy scenarios.

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