16° Smart FARO Focus | Special commodity budget

- 17-09-2021


Prices of major ferrous and nonferrous metals are consolidating near previous annual highs. The 16th SMART FARO will be devoted to analyzing the first numbers to be included in the formation of the 2022 Budget.

We will provide a clear and detailed view of major financial markets including INDICES, FOREX and LME commodities.

During the event we will preview the speakers and topics covered during the 57 MAIN FARO MEETING scheduled for October 20/21, 2021 at Kilometro Rosso (BG)


Participation is free for Club members upon registration while there is a fee for outsiders.



Intermarket Analysis
Currency markets, indices and commodities with analysis and commentary by our analysts and traders

Paolo Kauffmann – FARO Club Founder
Andrea Guarneri – Kommodities Partners Sa
Edward Meir – Director Commodity Research Group

Macroeconomic Window
Italian and US economic situation update

Arrigo Sadun – Chief Economist Advisor FARO Club

Giorgio Arfaras – Director of the Economic Letter of the Einaudi Center

What’s behind the reality
A look at the future of the Italian manufacturing industry together with speakers at the 57th MAIN FARO MEETING scheduled for October 20/21 at Kilometro Rosso (BG)

Q&A – End of proceedings

Sadun Arrigo

Chief Economy Advisor / Faro Club

Meir Edward

President / Commodity Research Group

Guarneri Andrea

Forex & Commodity Trader / Kommodities Partners SA

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