7° Smart FARO Focus| U.S. Election Special.

- 05-11-2020

Prologue and greeting Paolo Kauffmann

US Post Election Special.

The U.S./Global economy after the presidential election
The economic program of the new Administration;
Permanent effects of Covid-19; greater “welfare state” & Role of the public sector ( Big Brother ). Elements for an industrial policy.
U.S. more like European social-democracies; costs and benefits.
The future of US-China relations.
Prof. Arrigo Sadun Chief Economist F A R O Club

International commodity framework.

How commodity markets may react in light of the new U.S. president
Ed Meir | Director Commodity Research Group

Q & A

End of Workshop

Sadun Arrigo

Chief Economy Advisor / Faro Club

Meir Edward

President / Commodity Research Group

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