31 March 2023 / IMPRESE

Electric cars boost growth in Europe

Tesla Model Y tops the rankings

Electric cars are driving the increase in new car sales in Europe. In February, Bevs recorded 118,329 units sold in the Old Continent, 33% more than in the same month of 2022, and contributed to the increase in total registrations in the 28 European markets of just over 900,000 units or 12% more.

It should also be noted that registrations in January and February together amounted to 1.81 million units, or 11% more than in January and February last year.

BEV market share grew in 25 markets. Double-digit market share was recorded for BEVs in 14 countries: Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Germany and Switzerland. (sole24ore)



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